Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Amazing years...

It has been almost 5 years I have abandoned my blog.

Today when I look back those post I feel that I shouldn't just leave it like that.

So slowly I will start to post craft works that I have done over the 5 years as well as my future works too.

Time really flies and today my son is going to celebrate his 5th birthday amazing right...

So what I have been doing recently?  Yes, I join the world craze which is the adult colouring. It is fun, I am enjoying and indulge myself into the colour world and here I will share my works as well as technique that I used for my colouring.

Here will be some of my colouring and there are more to come.

Secret Garden is my first colouring book that's bought few months back before the start of the craze over here in Singapore. But I never have a chance to start on it till recently.

I'm not really into colouring the leaves but I managed to challenge it.  Overall not a bad experience 😋

Here is the second page that I did on Secret Garden.  This round is flowers and I used two extreme colours to blend into one n it turns with a little like 3D effect... Really out of my expectation.  You can try that too...

After go with enough of leaves and flowers, now I'm in the mid of colouring the Lion City, this book is all about my beautiful city that I live in. This time round I'm using a different way of colouring, slow stroke to ensure all area covered well with colours and also using high contrast of colour tone. Here are some incomplete page and do leave me comment for improvement 😘

Monday, October 25, 2010

Su Hun's First Photo Frame...

Had been away for so I have new my new product here after waiting for 9-10months...yes is my baby boy Su Hun.

This is a very simple layout that I had made as I don't have many baby stamps and accessories with me...maybe is time to do some shopping again...hahaha...

But lucky I have stocked up this stack of pattern paper from DCWV Nana's Nursery - Boy collection, if not I sure have headache to match the photo and the frame. As you know most and majority of my collection are very distress and they are not so suitable for my little angel.

Now I'm waiting for Su Hun's daddy to come back this evening to hang this picture up. And guess what...I'm going to have more frame and picture soon for the little Hun and soon the living will be filled up by his cute photo...

Hope to see more creation by Hun's mummy...

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Thinking of You...

Here is my another Magnolia creation with the sketch from Bev.

I only used a piece of pattern pattern paper and with this I match with Cuttlebug embossing folder as the background.

I have lot of different design of these embossing folder and each one is very unique, you can create your own background and coloured by distress ink.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Here Come the Pirate...Edwin

Using the Magnolia for this layout and I just found out that the barrel and the anchor stamps are just nice to match the layout.

While I making this card, I was thinking of my unborn baby...seems like I'm making this card for him and I really feel that way...

Paper used are all from DCWV and as usual my colouring is from Caren D'ache colour pencil. I just like this theme and it is not really hard to make a card for a boy or man, just apply the rule of no flowers and ribbon...


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Like Butterfly

This big butterfly stamp is from Judith Kins and is one of my favourite butterfly stamp. It is easy to use and it suits my distress and vintage style.

Other than Judith Kins, I used French Letters from Hero Arts as the background of the butterfly. The inks that I used basically is based on 3 distress colours and it looks more "clean" than my usual distress project. The Distress ink colours are Mustard Seed, Dried Marigold and Spiced Marmalade.

The lace that I used is from Daiso the $2.00 shop and originally it was white in colours and I used my "cocktail mixing" from Tattered now from white it turns into vintage brown. Next time if you buy flowers, laces or ribbon, you can choose more to white base so that you can turn into the colours that you like.

Overall, I like this masterpiece, it is a simple and nice layout from Sketch Saturday.

Will continue my another distress journey...enjoy...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm Back With Magnolia

It has been a while I was away card making. My life was busy with cooking, baking and preparing for my new born.

After reading the Magnolia Magazine, my inspiration is back and here is my creation. Distress is always my favourite technique that I like to use in most of my project.

For this card, I have used my first own Tim Holtz's rubber stamp together with Tilda. I just like the stamped tags and it is very easy to match with any theme.

I hope to have another creation soon with my new added stamps...

Saturday, July 03, 2010

How I colour the little Tilda

This is a very simple way to use colour pencil with blender for colouring and it is also easy to bring around compared with watercolours.

What you need is colour pencils, blender which is Sansodor and paper stump. You can get all this Sansodor and paper stump from Art Friends.

Tilda's image, Sansodor and paper stump

Low odour solvent

Normally, I will pour some of the Sansodor into a little can get this little platter from Daiso, 6 in 1 packet and only cost you $2.00 so as the squeezer, also 6 in 1 from Daiso

Face, these are the colours I use for face

Started with the lightest one

Dip the paper stump with the blender

Blend with paper stump for the 1st layer

Apply 2nd layer with darker tone

blend again with paper stump

you will get the darker tone effect after the blending

The colour looks so smooth

3rd layer, use the most darker tone, touch up from the side of the face so that it won't turn up too pinkish...

Here it is...

For hair also use the same technique, start with lighter colour and go darker layer by layer...

Is very simple and easy to follow, go with you favourite colour tone and you can do with many Tilda and other stamping images.