Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tutorial - Shaker Card

After cut out the chipboard into the frame shape that you like, paste it on the reverse side of the pattern paper.

Make a cross in the center and cut it with a pen knife.

After cutting the cross fold it inward and glue it.  The glue that I used was from Plaid's Mod Podge.

Cut away the extra.

Trim the four corners.

After that apply glue and fold inward.

Here you get the fame shape with pattern paper.

This step you need to paste it onto a clear acetate.  I use the same glue from Plaid.
You can use double sided tape as well.

Trim away the extra acetate and paste the foam double sided tape at the back of the frame.  This is to create a room for the beads, glitters as the shaker mix.

Here is the step for you to put in the beads, glitters and others that can make the shaker mix to the frame.  After that paste the image that you would like as the background.

That it is, you can shake and play with it now.
Is very simple right?

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Kristen said...

Awesome tutorial! Thanks for sharing it.