Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Amazing years...

It has been almost 5 years I have abandoned my blog.

Today when I look back those post I feel that I shouldn't just leave it like that.

So slowly I will start to post craft works that I have done over the 5 years as well as my future works too.

Time really flies and today my son is going to celebrate his 5th birthday amazing right...

So what I have been doing recently?  Yes, I join the world craze which is the adult colouring. It is fun, I am enjoying and indulge myself into the colour world and here I will share my works as well as technique that I used for my colouring.

Here will be some of my colouring and there are more to come.

Secret Garden is my first colouring book that's bought few months back before the start of the craze over here in Singapore. But I never have a chance to start on it till recently.

I'm not really into colouring the leaves but I managed to challenge it.  Overall not a bad experience 😋

Here is the second page that I did on Secret Garden.  This round is flowers and I used two extreme colours to blend into one n it turns with a little like 3D effect... Really out of my expectation.  You can try that too...

After go with enough of leaves and flowers, now I'm in the mid of colouring the Lion City, this book is all about my beautiful city that I live in. This time round I'm using a different way of colouring, slow stroke to ensure all area covered well with colours and also using high contrast of colour tone. Here are some incomplete page and do leave me comment for improvement 😘

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