Saturday, July 03, 2010

How I colour the little Tilda

This is a very simple way to use colour pencil with blender for colouring and it is also easy to bring around compared with watercolours.

What you need is colour pencils, blender which is Sansodor and paper stump. You can get all this Sansodor and paper stump from Art Friends.

Tilda's image, Sansodor and paper stump

Low odour solvent

Normally, I will pour some of the Sansodor into a little can get this little platter from Daiso, 6 in 1 packet and only cost you $2.00 so as the squeezer, also 6 in 1 from Daiso

Face, these are the colours I use for face

Started with the lightest one

Dip the paper stump with the blender

Blend with paper stump for the 1st layer

Apply 2nd layer with darker tone

blend again with paper stump

you will get the darker tone effect after the blending

The colour looks so smooth

3rd layer, use the most darker tone, touch up from the side of the face so that it won't turn up too pinkish...

Here it is...

For hair also use the same technique, start with lighter colour and go darker layer by layer...

Is very simple and easy to follow, go with you favourite colour tone and you can do with many Tilda and other stamping images.


shan said...

谢谢你的教程,对我来说很有帮助。上颜色一直是我的弱点~ 想问说你是用普通的drawing paper 吗?

Geamys said...

我是用普通的A4 paper,不过纸质要滑面, 重量为200g 或以上最理想。。。


shan said...

哦,原来是用A4纸。好的,我会试下的。 谢谢:)