Saturday, September 20, 2008

License To Coach 2008

I had went through a tough training for the past three days.  This is tougher compare to the rest of the training that I had been through in my career life...

The training was called License to Coach 2008.

However this is the most beneficial and special to me...why?...Benificial in terms of changing my thinking concept as well as making me think twice before my action, to be a good coach, to be more prepared and so on...well...sounds great right?  How about special, yes it was special because this was conducted together with another 3 countries, United State, Japan and Ireland via conference call.  We can be seen by web-cam and the interaction was there.  I learned a lots from here and yet this is not ending yet as all the things are just to begin after this training.  Anyway thanks to all my bosses for giving this opportunity to me as well as Missy, Jason and David from State and also not forgetting Adrian from Cork, Ireland.

I was giving a book each day after the training.  The first one i got was The Radical Leap, A Personal Lesson in Extreme Leadership by Steve Farber.  Second one was more interesting, The Art of Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander.  The second book needs more thinking and times to digest and I'm not too sure whether i can complete the whole book...hopefully i can use the travel time to read and think when I'm on the bus.  The third book was from Ron Kaufman, this time is not Up Your Service but something easy to read, is about some quote from famous people.

After the training on Friday, the six of us was invited to have dinner with bosses...well... to celebrate our "graduation"...mmmm...sounds better right?  We had an Italian cuisine, foods was good and we had a great evening.

Overall it was a fruitful training and i am preparing myself to take the challenges from my immediate boss...this time sounds more stress right...well...this is life

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