Friday, October 24, 2008

Hotel Imperial, Kuala Lumpur

I stayed in Hotel Imperial during my visit to Kuala Lumpur, this hotel was known as Sheraton Imperial before renovation.  After the renovation, the hotel converted to Luxury Collection in Starwood and name was change to Hotel Imperial.

Well, so far most of colleague said that the location was not as good as The Westin Kuala Lumpur but I'm all right with it.  I quite easy to access by car and travel condition is better than Westin.

I quite enjoy with this hotel as well as my hubby...He feel more belongs to Sheraton than other brands after last few trip to Bangkok.  I should bring him to stay in Westin and W Hotels one day...and not always in Sheraton, kekekeke...

All rooms has been renovated and also comes with Plasma TV, DVD player and of course the Sweet Sleeper Bed :-)...

Overall I'm happy with my stay as well as the meal that I had at the Chinese Restaurant with my hubby's uncle and his family members.

Plan for another trip?...yah long as my dear hubby willing to drive for 400km to reach there.

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