Friday, October 03, 2008

Waterfall Card

"Good Friends Are The Best Accessories".  This was my first waterfall card and I used Stampendous's clear stamp for those hats.  I like the color matching as well as the effect of the card.  

This was also the first card that I pass it to JDA and now still at JDA for display.  After I presented this to JDA, I was give an 50% or by one get one free for any item that i liked in the shop.  I was so happy that my art piece was being recognised by JDA, to me I feel that this is an honor and also it increased my confident level as well.

And of course I did pick 2 items from the shop and I'm going to work for my next art work...加油!!!


Snowflix said...

I will link you immediately after this msg.

This is really hard work.
I am no good at paper craft.
But I like to admire other's work.
You r really good with your hands.

Geamys said...

you are a good painter... I like your art piece as well.

Do you sell it? I really admired them...