Friday, October 24, 2008

Purple Cane

I call him BiaoGe 表哥, but he his not my cousin brother he is one of my good friend.  Why we call him BiaoGe is because he is the cousin brother of one of my good friend.  Since we met, all of us called him BiaoGe till today.  My hubby also called him BiaoGe.  Currently he is dealing with wholesales business which related with books, Chinese books and comic as well.  He is such a cute and sincere person and we had spent the whole day with him on last Wednesday.  

He brought us to this Purple Cane and all the dishes here were cooked by using tea or tea leaves.  Even the rice also cooked with teas.  Something special right...

This is steam egg with the menu called 茶葉蛋

The tea that served by the restaurant also very good, we really had a good lunch with Biao Ge...

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