Thursday, October 09, 2008

My Messy Work Station

Well, this is my working desk at work...actually this photo is to try out my new Sony Ericsson C902's camera.  The effect is very good, is quite sharp with it 5 megapixel...

I got two plant on the desk, this is to make my eyes relax when tired.  Many many Doaremon around my desk, two lucky+fortune Japanese cats.  A phone panel, a poker card?...No, this is not a poker card, I got this from my last LTC training.  This is about a concept called diamond six concept...well I will explain this next time.

I got 2 Tri-angels on my phone panel, I bought this from Yahoo quite hard to get now

Anyway, after my Team Scrapbook project, I will tidy my messy work station...hopefully ne...

I will show you the Scrapbook that I did now.  See my next posting ya.

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