Sunday, October 12, 2008

Little Angel

I just completed this card half an hour ago...phew...finally I had completed all my task.  This is also requested by my friend.  This weekend is a fruitful weekend for me because I had completed 4 cards in this weekend.  I really enjoy it and I'm looking forward for more to come.

I almost used up all the flower embellishment that given by Ying and I'm so happy that I really fully utilised it.  I'm looking forward to buy some nice flower as well as some nice brads.  She had open my creativity door and suddenly all the ideas down pour like waterfall.

This little angel was stamped and given by Ying and it was so precious to me.  I will ensure that card that I made must be outstanding to match it.

Thanks again Ying, my next step will comes very soon and I'm working towards it.

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